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Last modified: February 21, 2020

Saving to the Server

  1. Go to finder (either the face button on your dock or click on the desktop). MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON FINDER, or else you can’t get on the server.
  2. commandK
  3. type in hawks
  4. Username: initials0lunchnumber (ex: AW013455)
  5. Password: birthday with slashes and the LAST TWO DIGITS of the year you were born (ex: 5/14/87) If you do the full year, it will not work!
  6. Select “Hawks”

When You Go To Save Your Work

  1. Select “File” and then “Save As”
  2. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE TO THE SERVER! There should be an icon on the left hand side that said ELEMSTU. Select it, then scroll down and select Hawks. Click on the 5th grade folder, then the folder with your name and lunch number. Save your work there. Please use a title that makes it easy to find! (Example: if you’re saving a fairy tale, title it Fairy Tale). Include your name on the document so I know who it belongs to.
  3. ****If you cannot find an icon that says ELEMSTU, come find me and I’ll show you how to find it in the drop-down box.
  4. Now you can find your work on any computer!