Principal's Message

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I spent the month of February thinking about the things I love about Spring Creek. I would love to share these thoughts with you for our March Newsletter.

What I Love About Spring Creek

  1. Spring Creek students represent us so well. They have received multiple compliments on their respectful behavior in general and their hard work in the classroom.
  2. Spring Creek teachers work hard to provide the most effective instruction they can in the classroom. They received a compliment after our February professional development meeting from a guest presenter about how engaged, interested and open they were to everything that was presented during our almost 4 hour school meeting.
  3. The Spring Creek staff, from the instructional assistants, to the kitchen staff, to the custodial staff to the front office, believe that they are an important part of our team. They care about our students and show them compassion every day.
  4. We believe in continuous progress for all. We LEARN together. Have you seen our accountability report? Be sure to note the progress rating. “EXEMPLARY!!” We are one of the two schools in Provo City School District to receive this Progress Rating. Here is the link to view the report.
  5. The Spring Creek PTA is amazing. Freedom Week was fabulous. We all deserve “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” and we understand what that is a little better.
  6. Karolyn Davis our award winning custodian — she is definitely our “Freedom’s Light” example.
  7. The parents of the students at Spring Creek are supportive and advocate for their children. We couldn’t do what we do without you. Thank you for being a crucial member of our team.
  8. Spring Creek is a happy and safe place to be.


As we finish up Term 3 and prepare to go into Term 4 we are excited about finishing the year strong. Please watch for information about exciting programs that will be showcasing the work they have done this year and important testing dates.