Here are the great things happening in specialties!  Please keep encouraging your students to join in the learning fun!

Library: K-1st, 3rd-4th: Insects and creepy-crawlies! 2nd: Introduction to Battle of the Books 5th-6th: Fake News & Media Literacy. While reading a news story, have you ever wondered, is that true?Learn how you can tell the difference between a true news story and “fake news”

PE:  We will be learning about the At Home Olympics! Mr. H will teach you how to register and what event you can participate in.

Art:  Learn how to make your very own homemade play-dough. It’s a fun and messy art project that was so much fun.

Music:  Instruments are inventions!  Have fun watching Mrs. G’s video about an instrument she made in her house, and get some ideas about making your own instrument in your home!


The Specialties Team