STEM Fair Winners

Spring Creek had a remarkable STEM fair this year with 96 students participating in total. That is twice the amount of students we had last year. In fact, two of our classes had every single student participate, namely Miss Stewart and Mrs. Hansen’s class. Here are the winners by grade:

Kindergarten to 4th Grade Winners


1st place: Bram Rayback

2nd place: Abigail Blodgett

3rd place: Lily Teuscher

1st grade

1st place: Gunnar Whiting

2nd place: Erik Gylseth

2nd grade

1st place: Lydia Blodgett

2nd place: Evelynn Cook

3rd place: Jenna Riley

3rd grade

1st place: Amelia Blodgett

2nd place: Camila Lora

3rd place: Parker Kanvaka

4th grade

1st place: Hunter Whiting

2nd place: Julia Laughlin and Taleah Smith

3rd place: Abish Martinez and Giovanni Tellez

5th and 6th Grade Winners

The top 8 projects go to the District Fair on Feb 22nd.

1st Places:

Elizabeth Lara and Catherin Ramirez

Nora Goodwin and Julia Kerr

Leonidas Iosefa

Diego Sanchez and Jose Lagunas

Eli Rayback

Lexi Riley

Cristobal Yanez

Heather Finau, April Mosso, and Andy Lopez

2nd Place:

Naydelin Soto

3rd Place:

Zachary Leauanae 

Big Thanks to Volunteers, Visitors, and Supporters of the STEM Fair

Thank you UVU for promoting the last day to sign up for UVU Prep summer prefreshman engineering program – UVU Prep Link

Thanks BYU Chem Camp for their magical chemistry show and promoted their summer Chem Camp program – BYU Chem Camp Link

Thank you Utah Valley Provotypes for bringing their robot  to share and promote their program for students interested in robotics  – Provotypes Robotics Link

Thanks PTA for providing swag bags, many raffle prizes, and popcorn

Thank you NuSkin for providing our 6 judges. 

Photos of the STEM Fair can be found on our Facebook page @springcreekelemetary