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Provo City School District

Spring Creek Elementary School

Last modified: November 7, 2019

Behavior Expectations

School Rules


  1. Include Others
  2. Keep Yourself and Others Safe
  3. No Aggressive Contact
  4. Show Good Sportsmanship
  5. Line Up Quickly


  1. Keep Your Hands, Feet, and Other Objects to Yourself
  2. Walk in a Straight Line
  3. Be Quiet and Whisper if Necessary
  4. Keep Halls Clean
  5. Keep Up With Your Class or Group


  1. Be Quiet
  2. Quickly Go, Flush, and Wash
  3. Keep it Clean
  4. Report Problems Immediately


  1. Only Touch Your Lunch
  2. Use Indoor Voices
  3. Clean Up Your Area
  4. Wait for Permission to Dump Your Tray
  5. Throw Away Your Trash