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Our School STEM Fair will be held on Thursday, February 1st, 2024. This year, all grades are encouraged to participate.


I have made a handbook for families and staff in order to look at all the information in one place. If you could show this to your kids/post it on your websites, that would be great! 


For students to participate, they need to fill out an application. There is a different application for K-4 and 5-6th grade. I have hard copies, or you can show your students how to get there through our handbook. Students must complete an application in order to participate in the fair. 


Our STEM Fair will be judged by volunteers. If you would like to participate, please sign up here.  Judges are given a light breakfast and should be in the gym by 8:45 AM. We will have all students come to the gym at 9:00 and discuss their project. They shouldn’t be there for more than 1 hour. Students may only bring their science journal, poster board, Chromebook, and pictures on the day of the STEM Fair. This is not a place for demonstrations. If students bring materials or experiments to the fair, it will not be displayed. 


I will send out a sign up for your classes to go on a “Gallery Walk” of the fair, like we did last year throughout the day. I will walk the kids throughout the fair to show off some projects. They can also ask any questions. This shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. I will send this sign up sheet in January. 

After School Program – Project Help

I am also providing students with After School Support on four different days in January. For dates and information, check here. Students must fill out an application in order to participate. 


This year we are not using a “places” system. This means that all participants will receive a participation ribbon, certificate, and a ticket to be put into a raffle. 5th through 6th graders will be given notice if they moved on to the District Fair or not. Please remind students that the STEM Fair is not about winning. It is about researching and learning something new! 


The same day of the fair, we will have a STEM Night for families. There will be booths from vendors and other STEAM related organizations, a raffle, and even some demonstrations! It will be from 6:00 – 7:00. The students moving onto the District STEM Fair will be announced that evening as well. 


If a student asks what they should do, offer some of the SEED Storylines that you are doing in class. There is also lots of information in our handbook on project ideas. 


Last year I had created an introduction video for you to show your classes. Is this something you would like again this year? I am totally willing to make one this year, I just don’t know if they are helpful. Please give me feedback here.


I am having each of my students complete a science project. In order to facilitate this, I will be using the STEAM Friday time during all of January. I encourage you to do the same. I have supplies for posters, journals, etc. Please reach out if you need anything. I am having my kids do a digital presentation, so here are my instructions if you would like to do the same. Only some 5th/6th graders will move on to the District Fair this year, so please remind students of what a quality project looks like. I will give you more information on the District Fair as we get closer. 


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