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Last modified: February 20, 2020

Fact and Opinion Part Two 3.3

After reading your keynotes last week, Miss Wright is mostly back to normal and has a better understanding of fact and opinion. However, at faculty meeting, Ms. Hamilton asked Miss Wright to make up a list of facts and opinions, but she got them all mixed up! Below is her list. It is your job to organize them into a Fact List and an Opinion list. To help her, you need to include pictures so she knows what each one looks like.

The school’s addres is 1740 S Nevada Ave

Jeremy has weird hair

Vyx has a cool pattern

Reading is the best after school activity

The pencil sharpener is silver

Students make strange faces

Shoes shouldn’t come in a pair

Chairs that are stacked together make good forts

Miss Wright’s superhero bulletin board is awesome

Pencils are $5

Papers get turned in to the inbox

The bookshelf in the back of the classroom is dusty

The Turtle Shell is a fun place to read

The star fabric in the back is naked and needs to have something put on it

Crayons are better in a mess on the floor

iPads make learning more fun

Purple is the second coolest color

Aurora’s iPad has a black cover

Miss Wright’s classroom is room 219

The fire alarm is too high on the wall for kids to reach without help

We use the 7 Habits in our classroom

Dragons are scary

Wearing black makes you look cool

Children don’t know how to tie shoes

Miss Rodriguez is funny

Mrs. Stilson is scary

Miss Wright eats faces

5th grade is the best grade 😀

We learn math in 3rd grade

Due: Thursday, April 17th