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Last modified: February 21, 2020

If You Give Miss Wright A… 

Every action we take has a consequence: in other words, everything has a cause and an effect.

Take a moment and read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

The initial cause was giving the mouse a cookie, and the effect was he’d want a glass of milk. The story continues with many more effects, all as a result of giving the mouse the cookie.

Your task is to use Google SLIDES and write your own If you give story, but it’s about me, Miss Wright. What happens if you give Miss Wright something?


  • Use Google Slides
  • Include pictures
  • Use correct grammar and punctuation– NO DEAD KITTENS
  • Follow the format of If You Give A Mouse a Cookie (using cause and effect; if you give Miss Wright something, what will she want because of it?–remember the last page of the story ended with giving the mouse a cookie, so end up where you started)
  • It needs to make sense