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Last modified: February 27, 2020

Making Inferences in Comics 2.1

You will be looking at newspaper comics and deciding what inferences you need to make in order to think it is funny.

Look at the comic at the following link: For Better or for Worse.

This comic is called For Better or For Worse, and it drawn by Lynn Johnston. In this comic, Elly has answered the phone and it telling Christopher that he has a new baby brother. Christopher answers the phone and asks his dad if he can call the baby Luke Skywalker.

Inferences I need to make so I find the comic funny are: I know little kids often want to name their little brothers and sisters, and usually come up with some crazy names. I also need to know that Star Wars is a popular science fiction movie about Luke Skywalker who wants to be a Jedi, and people who watch the movie, especially little kids, want to be like the Jedi.

Now that I’ve walked you through an example, your assignment is to choose a minimum of three comics from the links below and explain what inferences you need to make in order to find these comics funny.

Please create your assingment in Keynote. You need a title page with your name and at least three slides, one for each comic. If you have time, you may do more than three slides. Please copy the comic into your slide, and make sure you use correct periods and capitals and do not have any run-on sentences.

When you have completed your assignment, save it to the WebDAV. Title it as Your Name, Comic Inferences (example: Miss Wright, Comic Inferences). Save it under my folder (Wright), under weekly projects, under Comic Inferences.

Due: Thursday, October 13, 2011