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Last modified: February 20, 2020

Miss Wright’s Problems 2.4

Miss Wright has several problems, and she needs your help to solve them. Below are a list of all the things that are going wrong.

  1. The library is a mess
  2. Row 5 leaves paper all over the floor every day
  3. Miss Boone ate all the donuts at the faculty meeting before Miss Wright had even one
  4. Her hair refuses to lie straight
  5. The Community Service kids are all sick and the playground needs to be picked up
  6. Vyx escaped from his cage
  7. Both of the sidekicks are in the SRC
  8. The principal accidentally backed into Miss Wright’s car, leaving a HUGE dent
  9. She forgot her lunch
  10. The power went out right as her social studies lesson began.

It is your job to create a keynote telling her how she can solve each problem. Make sure to give your very best advice, and include pictures so she’ll know what to do.

Due: Thursday, November 3rd