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Last modified: February 21, 2020

Persuade Me 6.3

This week we are focusing on persuasion techniques, which are different methods used to try and persuade an individual.

Glittering generalities: statements which are broad and vague, with no detail or supporting evidence

Bandwagon: claim that a large number of people are doing or buying something, or thinking a certain way

Testimonial: Using a celebrity (famous person) to endorse something

Loaded Word: words used to specifically appeal to the listener’s value system (for example, to persaude Miss Wright, tie it in to something nerdy, or say something like “reading is important”)

Your assignment: Katniss is getting married next week, and it’s up to Miss Wright to decide whether she married Gale or Peeta. You need to create a keynote persuading me to choose one of the boys. Use one or more of the techniques above. Keep in mind you’re trying to PERSAUDE me, which means it’s not a good idea to insult me. 🙂 Include pictures. Use correct spelling. If you can’t spell it, ask someone who can, or look it up. I want these to be good projects, because I’m sharing them with Miss Boone.

If you’ve never read Hunger Games or seen the movie, partner with someone who has.