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Last modified: October 23, 2020

Rumplestiltskin Try 2 4.5

Yes, that’s right. I’m back again.


Last time you saw me, you were supposed to rewrite my story convincing the world I was the best there ever was. YOU FAILED. ABYSMALLY. Not a single one of you were convincing! Nobody believed I was the best! I was laughed out of every castle I entered!

So we’re going to try this again. Since no one believes I am good hearted, we’ll just convince them of the polar opposite. That’s right, you get to rewrite my story AGAIN, but this time, you will persuade the reader that I am the most evil little man who ever lived!


But there’s a catch. Since this is the real deal, you WILL convince everyone I’m terrible, or else I’ll make you rewrite my story OVER and OVER and OVER again until I’m satisfied with it. No more half-hearted attempts! If your story isn’t amazing, you’ll redo it until it IS amazing!

Get that? Make a keynote. Persuade the audience I’m EVIL. If it’s not good enough, you’re redoing it.

Due Thursday.