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Last modified: February 27, 2020

The Westing Game

When Sam Westing died, he created a will for each of his sixteen heirs, promising them a fortune in money if they could figure out who his murderer was.

When regular people die, they don’t make a mystery out of their wills. They simply bequeath (or give) their things and their money away.

Your Assigment

Pretend that you are dying. You only have one week left to live, and you need to make sure your stuff ends up in good hands or else it is ALL going to the dump. Create your own will, bequeathing everything you own to your friends and family.

Create your will in Pages. It needs to be at least one page. It must be your last will and testament (confused? look at the links below) and all your earthly possessions must be doled out. Include reasons why each person is getting the item(s) they’re getting. For example: “Great Aunt Bertha gets my Batman figurine because she has always been batty.”

Project Due: