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Last modified: February 20, 2020

Revolutionary War Webquest

You are going back to the time of the Birth of America when the colonists were beginning to feel like Americans. Some colonists no longer felt that they were British citizens since they were forming a new home far from England. They began to build a unique culture and form new ideas of how they wanted to govern themselves. Who were some of the people who helped create this identity? You and your partner will become experts on one person. You will convince your audience that your character was the American of the year because he or she contributed the most to America’s identity. Make a keynote (maximum 5 slides) detailing your American Hero.

Answer the following questions:

  • Who is your person?
  • When did s/he live?
  • Give a short biography of their life.
  • What thing (or things) is s/he famous for?
  • How did the people of their time see them?
  • If they did that same thing today, would it be well received?
  • WHY do you think s/he should be American of the Year? (include at least 3 points)
  • Include appropriate capitals and periods. Every capital and period you miss will 1) cost you $1 per mistake and 2) result in the untimely demise of small kittens. Save the kittens. Punctuate.