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Spring Creek Elementary School

“The Provo Way Award is awarded to those who go above and beyond to advocate for students, serve our community or simply ensure the success of our schools. Any person or group associated with our Provo City School District in any way is eligible for the Provo Way Award,” (Alex Judd, Provo City School District, 2017). 

We want to congratulate one of our 6th-grade teachers Mrs. Bringhurst for receiving the award and her student for nominating her. Her student stated, “Mrs. Bringhurst cares a lot about her students. She is kind. She talks to the students that might be sad and tries to cheer them up. She is prepared for lessons and she makes sure that we understand the work and helps us fix our mistakes. She reviews our tests and work and helps us know how to work better. She uses a lot of fun technology that makes learning interesting. She also has a really good sense of humor. I think she has a had a really challenging year, but she works hard to make it better every day. She also uses all the Spring Creek LEARN Tools to help us build our knowledge and skill. I feel very lucky to have her for my teacher. She inspires me to do my best and gives me great feedback.”

If you would like to nominate any employee, student, or volunteer for the Provo Way Award, please follow the link below to the district Provo Way Award nomination form. Awards are given once a month and where possible are posted live the Provo City School District Facebook page.


We would like to celebrate and congratulate Principal Snow on being recognized and receiving the Provo Way Award. We are so grateful for her dedication to the success of all students, staff, and...

Due to the timing of the current weather conditions and slippery road conditions, Provo City School District will operate on a Two Hour Late Start schedule today. This means that school will start...