We are so excited to invite you and your children to participate in our “Spring Creek Staff Parade” on Thursday, May 21st starting at 1 pm. This parade is to help our students know how much we love and care for them and to celebrate the last week of school!

To participate, parents and students are encouraged to find a safe space on their lawn or sidewalk along the route of the parade (parade route attached below). For everyone’s safety, please do not enter the road.

We anticipate each portion of the parade will take 10-15 minutes. These times will be subject to change due to traffic conditions. Actual arrival time may be earlier or later than estimated.  Here is a rough estimate of our times:

Picture 1- 1:00-1:15

Picture 2- 1:15-1:30

Picture 3- 1:30-1:45

Picture 4- 1:45-2:00

We ask that all participating practice good social distancing guidelines by staying at least 6 feet apart from others and not congregating in groups larger than your family.

Our school boundaries are very large so we could not include everyone’s home. If the route does not pass by your house or you live in an apartment complex, find a spot along the parade route that is apart from other families. You may also park at the church west of the school, as we will be driving through their parking lot. Please do not enter the church parking lot until 1:10.

We would love for students to wear their Spring Creek colors and t-shirts! Feel free to wave, cheer, clap, hold posters, sing songs to celebrate and share your excitement, love and support. Spread the word to Spring Creek alumni. We would love to see them along the route!

We are so excited to see you all and share our love and hope during these unique circumstances.


The Spring Creek Staff